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About Hive Meetup

An initiative led by the Hive community. Hive Meetup project aims to create tools that make it easier to find events related to Hive blockchain and Web3.

Hive is Global

We focus on events related to Hive blockchain anywhere in the world.


We contribute to promoting most of the events where Hive community is present.


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We want to become a website that drives the development of Web3 and Hive events.

Upcoming events

We try to cover most of the events.

Workshop about Hive: digital entrepreneurship on Web306 Aug. 2022Local eventBarquismeto - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hive Creators Coffe06 Aug. 2022Local eventLecheria - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Torneo de Gamers07 Aug. 2022Local eventLechería - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
SPK token goes live08 Aug. 2022OnlineGlobalGlobalInfo
Art Meetup13 Aug. 2022Local eventBarquisimeto - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hive Creators Awards13-29 Aug. 2022OnlineGlobalEnglishInfo
Hive Meetup Sucre17 Aug. 2022 Local eventCumaná – VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hablemos de HIVE25 Aug. 2022 Local eventMaracay – Venezuela SpanishInfo
Descentralización y comunidad en Web325 Aug. 2022OnlineLatamSpanishInfo
Hive Live Sessions26-27 Aug. 2022 Local eventValencia - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Oportunidades en redes sociales de Web303 Sep. 2022OnlineLatamSpanishInfo
Hive Fest15-18 Sep. 2022 Local eventAmsterdamGlobalInfo
Hive Creators Day MaturínSep 2022 Local eventMaturín - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hive & Web3 online summit13-14 Oct 2022OnlineGlobalEnglishInfo
Hive Creators Day LecheriaOct 2022 Local eventLechería VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hive Creators Day CumanáOct 2022 Local eventCumaná - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hive Latam FestNov 2022 Local eventCaracas - VenezuelaSpanishInfo
Hive Meetup MéxicoDec 2022 Local eventCiudad México / TijuanaSpanishInfo

Community-led events

Hive is a global and decentralized brand, which is why we can find events anywhere in the world, generating experiences in person and taking advantage of the digital media.




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Events that create value

We intend to keep you informed of most events related to Hive community.


We share a variety of images of some of the events where the Hive community was present.

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