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Hive Live Sessions

This August 26th and 27th in Valencia-Venezuela, there will be an experience to learn about Hive.

August 26 & 27 in the city of Valencia, Venezuela.

Want to understand what Web3 is all about? Want to learn about the Hive blockchain ecosystem? We have prepared this 2-day event, where you will be able to connect with the new era of the internet through HIVE community.

You need to request your access to the event, which is free.

You will be redirected to a form where you will have all the information to attend the event.

A Web3 event

Hive Live Session is aimed at an innovative audience, which needs to be updated in this new era. That is why we designed an event where you can learn:

  • Web3 development opportunities on HIVE blockchain.
  • How to get started in the latest generation of social networks and receive incentives.
  • Learn concepts related to Hive blockchain.
  • How to be part of Hive community.

People will lead the entire event with extensive experience on HIVE, which will help you in your learning process.


9am to 12.30m - Duration 3:30 hours

- Hive Blockchain

- Why Hive?

Coffee Break & Selfie Time

- Oportunidades dentro de Hive

9am - 12m and 1pm - 5pm, Duration 7 hours

1- What is Hive?
- Blockchain
- Cryptocurrency

2- How does it work?
- Blockchain Production
- Witness
- Economy

Coffee Break

3- Ecosystem
- Social
- Gaming
- Defi

Half Day Break

4- Security
- Keys
- Authentication Services.
- Account recovery

5- Content Creation
- Type of post.
- Plagiarism, Spam, and Abuse
- Rewards
- Positive and Negative Votes
- Markdown and Tags
- Communities

Coffee Break

8- Create your Hive account

What is Hive?

Hive aims to connect people around the world to Web3 through a fast, scalable, and easily accessible blockchain protocol.




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