21ST JUNE 2023

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Join us on 21st June for an exciting webinar where we will explore concepts related to Web3 and provide you with the tools you need to build in this new digital ecosystem.

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Join us in this webinar and discover the universe of Web3. We will start with its philosophy and understand why it is redefining the digital world.

You will learn what it means to build on Web3 and we will talk about Hive, a fundamental blockchain in this environment. We will guide you through the essential steps to build projects on Web3. Finally, we’ll discuss new job opportunities in the Web3 space and how you can adapt to take advantage of them.


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Seminar Content

Understanding Web3: Discover the essence and impact of Web3 in the digital world.

Web3 Philosophy: Delve into the underlying principles of Web3 and its innovative potential.

What is building on Web3: Learn what it means to develop on this new digital frontier and the necessary tools.

Hive, a blockchain for Web3: Explore Hive, an open source blockchain ideal for Web3 application development.

Steps to follow to build on Web3: We offer you a clear roadmap to start being part of Web3.

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What is Hive?

Hive is an innovative and cutting-edge blockchain built on top of the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) protocol. It is designed to store large amounts of content and make it available for time-based monetization. Hive combines fast processing times and fee-free transactions, positioning itself to become one of the leading blockchain technologies used around the world.